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Participants will explore proven techniques of communicating with clarity, conviction, and poise. Become well-versed in the art of verbal and nonverbal communication in both formal and informal settings.

Move from a sluggish task-oriented performer to a high-octane, high-performance leader.

Elevate: Life Coaching Intensive is a 90-Day program that covers a range of topics and activities to help you make positive changes in your life


Impactful Speaker.
Business Strategist.


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The NFPFA was created to provide mentorship, technical assistance, and community programs to support our sons in any professional football or athletic associations, and sons who desire to have a positive male figure in their life.

Bringing fathers, mentors, and sons together to have an impact on the community. Our goal is to empower professional football players, student athletes, and parents with the necessary tools and resources to reach their full potential on and off the field.



Move from Visualization to Manifestation with The Four Core Development System

Executive Development
Executive Communication
Entrepreneurial Coaching
Personal Life Skills
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Champion Conversations

Think, Act, and Win Like a Champion! It’s a lifestyle!
During Champion Conversations we walk the walk and bolster a champion mentality.


Global Dynamic Speaker

Transform your audience at your next event!

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